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Since the introduction of the UK/EU free trade agreement in January, new constraints have emerged for UK companies doing business with the EU.

The main topics covered in this webinar will be:

  • How to know precisely who does what, and who is responsible for what, in the post-Brexit trading world?
  • How to preserve a cost-effective access to EU markets without tariffs, VAT costs and other administrative hurdles?
  • How to organize your business in the face of new operational constraints and formalities?
  • How to manage product marking (CE and UKCA) in order to optimise your operations and exports to EU clients?

During this webinar we will present the solution that will enable you to adapt to Brexit's constraints.

Do you have specific questions regarding your activities? Ask them in the dedicated field of our form so that we can answer them during the webinar!

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Our panel of speakers is composed of 4 specialists in trade between the EU/France and the UK:

Aline Doussin

Aline Doussin

Partner, Hogan Lovells London




Olivier Thouard

Olivier Thouard

Customs and fiscal representation Director at GEFCO and VP of transports federation TLF



JeanMichel thillier

Jean Michel Thillier

Interregional Director of French Customs for the Northern France region, Hauts-de-France.



Artus Galiay

Artus Galiay

Hauts-de-France representative
to the United Kingdom
Nord France Invest





For many businesses, especially SMEs, who do not have sufficient time or resources to manage the new procedures, or whose margins are too thin to absorb customs-related costs, trade with Europe is likely to become too complex and onerous, and risks being simply abandoned.

Trade figures for January 2021 suggest that UK companies’ exports to the EU may have fallen by as much as 68% (Royal Haulage Association).

Some of the problems encountered could be:
  • The uncertainty about who does what and who’s ultimately liable if something goes wrong.
  • The double impact of VAT and customs duties for goods imported from the rest of the world (e.g Asia) to the UK and then into the EU.
  • The important and unexpected costs to clients importing goods from the UK to the EU.
  • The complex procedures for SMEs to deal with.


This webinar will allow you to gain a precise understanding of the challenges ahead for your business, based on cutting-edge analysis from our network of customs experts, and identify concrete and workable solutions that will preserve your hard-gained network of European clients.

How will the webinar unfold:
  • Aline Doussin, Partner, Hogan Lovells London: key customs-related problems which Hogan Lovells clients are facing
  • Jean-Michel Thillier, Interregional Director of French Customs, Hauts-de-France: key customs constraints to UK/EU trade
  • Olivier Thouard, Customs and fiscal representation Director at GEFCO, Chair of TLF Brexit working group: operational hurdles to exports, solutions and consequences arising these solutions
  • Artus Galiay, Representative of the Hauts-de-France for NFI: solutions we can offer to companies looking to preserve access to EU clients
  • Q&A


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