Ask the expert – Caroline Barbe, Solucial Avocat

It’s commonly known that labour law is strictly regulated in France.

The 35-hour working week, flexibility, dismissal... employers must respect certain rules. But did you know that these rules can be eased? 

For example, did you know that: "[...] agreements to manage working hours over the course of a year may be entered into at division level or at company level.
These agreements allow the company to ask its employees to work more hours during certain periods and fewer hours during others, while paying a fixed monthly salary and only tallying up the additional hours at the end of the year."

Caroline Barbe, Labour and Employment lawyer at Solucial, answers the questions put by all new employers in France.

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  • The modularity of the 35-hour working week laws
  • How to adapt working times during peaks or drops in activity
  • Dismissal procedures:
        Employment tribunal

And discover that France has many advantages over its European neighbours such as Germany and Belgium.

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