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Business case - BYD

How can I be sure I am making the right choice between the different solutions for my project?

How can I get long term support?

How can I save time and optimise my agenda?

Are you asking yourself all these questions? It’s completely normal!

A project for setting up in a foreign country is a major step in the life of a company!

Download this document and read about the Chinese company BYD, the leader in electric buses, chose to set up in Hauts-de-France to deploy its growth strategy in France.

" The Hauts-de-France was chosen for the quality of the buildings that were offered to us, the ideal geographical location and the local and regional authorities’ proactivity."

Isbrand HO, BYD’s European Director

Exclusive to this business case:

  • The 3 French regions envisaged by BYD
  • Elements from their specifications
  • The exact installation timetable
  • Details of the support from Nord France to ease the process of setting up BYD


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